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Network Engineering

Our high level technical analysts offer design and maintenance of both the hardware and software solutions for a computer networks..

• Install all new hardware, systems, and software for networks.
• Install, configure, maintain network services, equipment and devices.
• Supports administration of servers and server clusters.
• Manages all system back-up and restore protocol.
• Plans and supports network and computing infrastructure.
• Perform troubleshooting analysis of servers,
workstations and associated systems.
• Documents network problems and resolution for future reference.
• Monitors system performance and implements performance tuning.
• Manage user accounts, permissions, email, anti-virus, anti-spam.
• Requires a thorough knowledge of networking essentials.
• Oversee software and network security.
• Strong analytical abilities and professional office experience needed.

• Identify customer requirements
• Determine solutions for new and existing systems
• Provide strategic direction for systems configuration and interoperability
• Oversee the installation of software
• Program databases
• Configure networks
• Provide high-level technology management
• Manage quality assurance and testing for systems
Multimedia & web

We focus on visual communication & presentation that include photo, print and web design, catalogs, advertisements product packaging & more.
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